As Deputy Mayor, Kenny has always listened to Palm Bay residents to ensure our city grows and prepares for the future.

Keeping Us Safe

As Deputy Mayor, Kenny led efforts in funding our police and fire departments, along with creating new community policing programs that have kept crime rates low and increased trust in law enforcement. He’ll continue building on these programs to ensure all of our residents and visitors feel safe.


Over the past few years, our City Council has approved two preliminary $50 million draws from the $150 million GO Roads paving bond which was passed by voters in November 2018. While many roads and areas are reaping the benefits of this, Kenny will continue work to address existing infrastructure issues in areas where paving projects will take place along with road maintenance to ensure infrastructure stays healthy and reliable.

Government Efficiency

Since elected, Kenny has voted to lower the mileage rate 3 years in a row. Kenny has been committed to fiscal responsibility. He continues work to make city services more efficient while improving their impact on residents. Kenny will keep our budget tight and transparent.

Guaranteeing a Sustainable Future

Palm Bay should be a shining example for how cities should commit to sustainability, and Kenny intends to lead the way. By implementing green technologies and modernized systems, Kenny will help us protect the environment, increase property values, and offer a healthier future for our children.

Commercial Development

Kenny is committed to increase our commercial development. Many of our residents travel and work outside of our city when it should be vice versa. Increasing the amount of small and big businesses will provide more job opportunities and more opportunities to alleviate taxes our residents pay.

Affordable Housing

Palm Bay continues to experience high demand for housing and rising prices, on top of a growing need for affordable housing. Kenny is determined to solving the needs of affordable housing in our community as a whole. Kenny wishes to do this by providing diverse housing opportunities that are desirable for residents.
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